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Fabrizio Bosso


Gifted with an impeccable instrumental technique and a lyricism capable of transporting and moving any listener’s soul,  Bosso has developed his artistic growth and career by tackling every type of musical genre whilst always remaining true to his jazz roots. A rigorous and indefatigable musician, he performs worldwide, showcasing on stage his prodigious melodic richness and Italian musicality, which, combined with his intimate knowledge of the Afro-American tradition and his constant attention to all that is new on the international music scene, make his trumpet-playing unique and instantly recognizable.




Alberto Gurrisi, Hammond organ

Emiliano Vernizzi, saxophone

Michele Bianchi, guitar

Michele Morari, drums

feat. Fabrizio Bosso, trumpet

Michele Bianchi, Michele Morari, Alberto Gurrisi set up their band in 2009. The three young musicians elaborated their personal interplay shaping the “rhythmic motor” that still today characterizes “Blue Moka”. It wasn’t long before the fourth member, Emiliano Vernizzi, joined in, opening the door to different forms of musical contamination. In 2013 the quartet started its collaboration with Fabrizio Bosso, composing and arranging pieces for a quintet combo.

The artist and the quartet join forces in a live full of energy and class that catches the audience by surprise, with a programme featuring original pieces and revisitations of the hard bop jazz repertoire (Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, etc.) with references to the modern sounds of nu-jazz. A band “Made in Italy” that, from the first notes, carries its audience through the meanders of the New York sound.



Arrangements by Javier Girotto


Peppe Servillo: vocals

Javier Girotto: saxophone

Fabrizio Bosso: trumpet

Rita Marcotulli: piano

Furio Di Castri: double bass

Mattia Barbieri: drums

As they continue their ten-year artistic collaboration, one of the most original interpreters of Italian popular music and five great jazz musicians together pay a tribute to Lucio Battisti’s poetical world.

“With ‘Pensieri and parole’, we decided to revisit the most intimate, lyrical and personal singer-songwriter of Italian popular music: Lucio Battisti. Popular and sophisticated, Italian and solitary, he created and invented a musical style that still today belongs to everyone’s intimate heritage, at a crossroads between sensibility and different musical thoughts. To sing his songs again, from Mogol to Panella, represents for us an opportunity to reinterpret a minor and familiar part of our history, which is so evocative and moving for all of us.” (Peppe Servillo) 

Quite a challenge, owing to the repertoire’s distinctive traits: the originality of Battisti’s songs, where each song differs from the other music-wise and text-wise and is pervaded by the singer-songwriter’s inexhaustible compositional talent, make it an arduous task to tackle them without reducing them to mere cover versions.

Throughout twenty of Battisti’s most wonderful songs, Girotto’s arrangements and Peppe Servillo’s theatrical genius manage to trace a new, evocative and unexpected route, enhancing it with Latin zest, beguiling rhythms, stories, emotions and great pathos.

From "Il mio canto libero" to "Penso a te", the artistry of Peppe Servillo, Rita Marcotulli, Javier Girotto, Fabrizio Bosso, Furio di Castri and Mattia Barbieri is at the service of this extraordinary author; going beyond the frontiers that separate the world of song with that of jazz and improvisation, they lead the audience into an open territory where music is great and sound is magical.


Fabrizio Benevelli, soprano saxophone

Giovanni Contri, alto saxophone

Marco Ferri, tenor saxophone

Alessandro Creola, baritone saxophone

featuring Fabrizio Bosso, trumpet

“You can’t explain Jazz to anyone without losing the experience because it’s feeling, not words.” (Bill Evans)


Feeling is exactly what characterizes the successful collaboration between Fabrizio Bosso, the internationally renowned Italian jazz trumpeter, and the Saxofollia quartet, one of the Italian excellences in chamber music, be it in the classical or jazz genres. Agile and eclectic, the saxophone quartet is the brass ensembles best suited to accompany an instrument such as the trumpet, with its myriad timbrical possibilities and its ability to recreate the atmospheres of the different currents through which jazz has expressed itself over time.

Their live programme features jazz standards ranging from the Swing Age of the ’30s to the golden age of the jazz clubs on 52nd Street, as well as some chorinhos from the Latin jazz tradition, transcribed specifically for the band by the composer Roberto Sansuini, to whom the quartet also owes its original arrangements. It also includes brief incursions into classical music, in which all five musicians have been trained: a meeting point for interesting, and unusual, deviations from one genre to the other. A varied and captivating show that will take the audience into a multiform musical atmosphere

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