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Naomi Berrill


Naomi Berrill is an Irish cellist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer-songwriter who settled in Florence several years ago. After completing her classical studies in Scotland, Switzerland and Italy, she began experimenting the cello as an accompanying instrument to the voice, composing and arranging new pieces that also leave room for improvisation. 

Her performances and collaborations span different genres and artistic disciplines, such as video art, literature and dance, as well, of course, as classical and jazz music.


Live bands


Naomi Berrill, cello and voice

Naomi Berrill's solo concert showcases her eclecticism and the fluidity of her artistic voyage, where, as she brings together folk music (Irish and other), classical music and improvisation, each musical genre becomes an element that builds a story which tells how music, just like people, animals and plants, can “migrate" and change, enriching itself in harmony, thus giving rise to new forms.



Naomi Berrill, cello, guitar, piano and voice 
Lorenzo Pellegrini, guitar, voice and sound effects
Andrea Beniati, drums, percussion and cello


“Inish” – which marks the beginning of Berrill’s collaboration with guitarist, vocalist and producer Lorenzo Pellegrini and with drummer, percussionist and cellist Andrea Beniati – narrates everyday life on the islands of Inishshark and Inishbofin, off the west coast of Ireland.

As the trio masterfully blends the intense quality of its acoustic instruments with the evocative effects of live electronics, its music elicits images that not only call forth the beauty of the immutable islands, but also the harsh existence of the islands’ fishing communities. A musical narrative enhanced by the lyrics that put into words moments of beauty, courage, adventure, euphoria and light, interwoven with other moments of loneliness, danger at sea, hardship, loss and pain – extremes that are all part of the islands’ entity.

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