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Olivia Trummer

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The German pianist, composer and singer Olivia Trummer was born into a family of musicians and developed her relationship with music as if it were a mother tongue, finding in it the best expression for her inner world. During her classical studies she discovered her passion for composition and improvisation, which later led her to cross the Atlantic for a Master's Degree at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City.
Her compositions are inspired from her entire career, ranging seamlessly from classical to jazz to the field of singer-songwriter where, thanks to the innate elegance of her soft and versatile voice, Olivia creates a unique and intensely poetic world.
Winner of the prestigious Jazz Award Baden-Württemberg in 2019, she is internationally acknowledged as one of the most interesting artists of her generation.


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Olivia Trummer, piano, vocals

The German artist Olivia Trummer, born in Stuttgart into family of musicians, started learning the piano at an early age. After an academic training in Germany both as a classical and jazz pianist, she continued her studies on the other side of the Atlantic, graduating in jazz at the Manhattan School of Music of New York. Her music, that ranges from the classical and jazz genres to singing-songwriting, is optimistic and lithe. Her lyrics, based on love and fantasy, are unique and intimate, and the natural elegance of her velvety and supple voice create a special and intensely poetical world. In June 2018 she released her seventh album, a live and analogic recording of a solo concert at the Bauer Studios in Ludwigsburg, featuring original songs as well as personal versions of pop and jazz standards, which she performs in a completely new light.



Olivia Trummer, piano, vocals


Rosario Bonaccorso, double bass

Nicola Angelucci, drums

Olivia Trummer's new album “For You” (Warner Music/release date: 4th March 2022) reaps the fruit of the work and experiences of recent years and transforms them into an invitation to increase one’s self-understanding in all facets and to embrace change as a value. While clearly a jazz album in its conception and essence, “For You” also irradiates the immediacy of pop, gospel and RnB, reminiscent at times of singer-songwriters of the ’70s. Two stars of the Italian jazz scene accompany Trummer on this journey: Rosario Bonaccorso, a double bass player of great experience and elegance, with forty years of activity as a leader and sideman for international artists. Renowned and much-loved for the quality of his sound, his compositions and his profound communication skills, he sometimes brings his warm and expressive voice to the instrument.

Drummer and composer Nicola Angelucci has become one of Olivia's closest collaborators since they first met in 2016. Described by Benny Golson as "the best drummer in Europe", he thrills audiences and musicians alike with his rhythmic elegance, multifaceted dynamics and empathetic stage presence. He recently released his latest album “Changes”, entirely made up of his own compositions.

As the trio interweaves its three voices rhythmically and harmonically, it explores and increasingly “liquefies” the boundaries between jazz and "good pop", surprising the listener with the lightness of the music and, at the same time, its density and lyrical depth: each song strives to open a door onto a better future and, at the same time, opens a window onto Olivia Trummer's genuine and fascinating artistic world. The album is enhanced by the beguiling sound of Fabrizio Bosso's trumpet and Kurt Rosenwinkel’s distinctive guitar playing: the two artists are passionate fans of Trummer and on hand to join the trio in live performances whenever the opportunity arises.




Olivia Trummer, piano, vocals

Makar Novikov, double bass

Earl Harvin, drums

Time for new beginnings. Award-winning pianist, singer and composer Olivia Trummer presents herself with a new songs program. The newly formed Olivia Trummer Trio explores boundaries and feels its way into pop with the means and values of jazz. Stylistically inspired by the music of Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell and Oleta Adams, catchy melodies meet spontaneous inventiveness, musical virtuosity meets head-to-toe enjoyable grooves. Olivia's new songs tell

of unexpected forks in the road

of life, of love that is able to dissolve space and time. It is music that invites you to see the world with new, open eyes.

Makar Novikov from Moscow is one of the best known Russian jazz double bassists. An experienced accompanist and virtuoso soloist, he has played with Jimmy Cobb, Clark Terry, Jimmy Heath and James Spaulding, for example, and appears regularly with Alex Sipiagin and the Isfar Sarabski Trio. Stranded in Italy during the outbreak of war with only one suitcase on tour, he now lives in northern Italy and can be understood as a fortunate new addition to the European jazz scene. Versatile American drummer and multi-instrumentalist Earl Harvin

from Texas is known for his collaborations and tours with Seal, Jeff Beck, Damien Rice and Air, and is cited as a formative influence by Ari Hoenig, among others. His playing is as versatile as the spectrum of his collaborations, characterized by a special intensity - even in the quietest pianissimo - and a keen sense for grooves that perfectly "dress" a song.

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Olivia Trummer, piano, Fender Rhodes, vocals

Nicola Angelucci, drums

Olivia Trummer and Nicola Angelucci met on stage at the Val di Fassa Panorama Music jazz festival, in the splendid setting of the Dolomites, during Trummer’s first Italian tour in 2016. Their immediate and evident affinity triggered a series of concerts in Italy and abroad. After four years of performing together on stage, during which they polished their compositional and interpretational poetics, Trummer and Angelucci now perform as a duo, showcasing to the full the expressive potentials of their instruments in a palette of sounds, nuances and dynamics that make for a complex yet welcoming musical world. Their repertoire, that features original pieces as well as personal versions of jazz and non-jazz standards, invites the audience into their spontaneous dialogue, humorous at times, and intense always.

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