Fabrizio Bosso


Gifted with an impeccable instrumental technique and a lyricism capable of transporting and moving any listener’s soul,  Bosso has developed his artistic growth and career by tackling every type of musical genre whilst always remaining true to his jazz roots. A rigorous and indefatigable musician, he performs worldwide, showcasing on stage his prodigious melodic richness and Italian musicality, which, combined with his intimate knowledge of the Afro-American tradition and his constant attention to all that is new on the international music scene, make his trumpet-playing unique and instantly recognizable.


Special projects


Tribute to Chet Baker

Fabrizio Bosso, trumpet

Julian Oliver Mazzariello, piano

Massimo Popolizio, narrator

The Lost Memoir is the title that was given to Chet Baker’s diary, unearthed ten years after his death. In this new project Fabrizio Bosso, Julian Oliver Mazzariello and Massimo Popolizio pay tribute to the “James Dean of jazz”, the progenitor of cool jazz, shedding on the musician and the man a new light. Chet Baker’s musical notes will be revived by Bosso’s trumpet and his autobiographical notes by Massimo Popolizio’s voice. A performance that is bound to conjure the romantic and angelic jazzman’s unique passage on earth. On 13th May 1988 Chet Baker died falling from a window of the Prins Hendrik Hotel in Amsterdam. What preceded his death was an uncontrolled and ruinous race between music, heroin, cool jazz, from the 50s to the 80s in and out of jail, from one love story to the next, from one side of the Atlantic to the other, right over to Italy. For the first time Chet Baker lets us hear his real voice, unfolding his chaotic and fascinating world. The precious autobiographical memoir, discovered ten years after his mysterious death, follows a timeline of childhood memories, vivid and complicated love relationships, his experience of jail and drugs and finally – of course – music. Throughout his whole life Chet Baker always sought refuge under the welcoming wings of his trumpet’s notes and his unique voice. In addition to reciting and commenting Chet Baker’s diary, published by Minimum Fax, Massimo Popolizio has chosen other texts in verse and prose to portray Chet’s personality. As the actor’s extraordinary voice interacts with Fabrizio Bosso’s trumpet and Julian Oliver Mazzariello’s piano, the audience is taken into a world of darkness but also of light, like that of the great trumpeter from Yale.

Fabrizio Bosso & Luciano Biondini


Fabrizio Bosso, trumpet

Luciano Biondini, accordion

Silvio Castiglioni, story-teller

The Concerto For Jack London is a jazz melodrama on love and boxing where theater and music meet, bringing together on stage internationally renowned artists such as Fabrizio Bosso on the trumpet, Luciano Biondini on the accordion and the first-class narrator Silvio Castiglioni.

Castiglioni sees to the stage direction and the textual part of the project; Bosso and Biondini handle the musical part. What comes out of this project is a tribute to one of the the most translated American writers, whose hundredth death anniversary was commemorated in 2016  the father of White Fang, The Call of The Wild, a journalist but also a gold hunter, an oyster pirate, a vagabond, a social activist and much more, who rose to fame thanks to his novels.

The show is based on London’s short story The Game, which Silvio Castiglioni freely adapted to make it stageworthy. A story about boxing (London was also a great sport journalist), and a moving and heartwrenching love story. In the background, Bosso’s trumpet and Biondi’s accordion make for a mellow and sulfurous musical accompaniment.

Fabrizio Bosso Quartet

& Paolo Silvestri Ensemble




Fabrizio Bosso, trumpet
Julian Oliver Mazzariello, piano
Jacopo Ferrazza, double bass
Nicola Angelucci, drums

Paolo Silvestri ensemble:
Claudio Corvini,
Fernando Brusco, trumpets
Mario Corvini, trombone
Gianni Oddi, alto saxophone
Marco Guidolotti, baritone saxophone
Michele Polga, tenor & soprano saxophone


Paolo Silvestri, arranger & conductor

One feels a fresh and unique vitality in the pyrotechnical arrangements Paolo Silvestri has elaborated for Fabrizio Bosso and for the rhythm and horn sections in their tribute to Duke Ellington. Silvestri, gifted with an engaging gesture, offers a classy, elegant and swingy reading of Ellington’s music, tailored to the trumpeter’s artistry, timbrically rich just like the Duke’s originals yet in line with today’s musical trends. In this project, each one of Bosso’s virtues finds plenty of space to express itself: swing, outstanding technique, imagination, poetry... At Bosso’s side, the indispensable pianist Julian Oliver Mazzariello, whose self-assurance in his incontestable talent has matured, Jacopo Ferrazza, whose reputation as one of the best double bassists is soaring, and Nicola Angelucci, one of the most sought-after drummers of the Italian jazz scene. The horn section boasts renowned soloists, namely Gianni Oddi, a much-loved and esteemed figure of the musical world, young Michele Polga, an unbroken promise, Marco Guidolotti, baritone saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist, Mario Corvini, “the” trombonist so to speak, with his two colleagues Claudio Corvini and Fernando Brusco.

Fabrizio Bosso Quartet with Strings




Fabrizio Bosso, trumpet
Julian Oliver Mazzariello, piano
Jacopo Ferrazza, double bass
Nicola Angelucci, drums

Paolo Silvestri strings ensemble:

Prisca Amori, fist violin

Elton Madhi, violin

Luca Bagagli, violin

Zita Mucsi, violin

Nico Ciricugno, viola

Suzanne Krasnai, cello

Igor Barbaro, double bass

arrangements and direction, Paolo Silvestri

Ten years have passed since the release of You’ve Changed, an important milestone in Bosso’s career, the recording in which the Torinese trumpeter started disclosing more of himself, bringing to light his musical passions as well as his versatile and poetic nature. The arrangements had been entrusted to Paolo Silvestri, a maestro in the art of writing, and with whom Bosso subsequently developed a steadfast musical partnership, with ongoing projects such as “Duke”, their tribute to Ellington, and more recently “The Champ”, dedicated to Dizzy Gillespie. Yet You’ve Changed continues to be a topical reference which they periodically revive: now and again Bosso feels the urge to go back on stage to tell his love for song, without distinction of genre or period, in an eclectic programme featuring songs such as “Senza Fine”, “You’ve Changed”, “Azzurro”, “Georgia On My Mind”, “Body and Soul”, “The Shadow of Your Smile”, “Fragile”, “Nuovo Cinema Paradiso”…

To accompany the sumptuous voice of Bosso’s trumpet, his inveterate quartet and the magic of Paolo Silvestri’s string ensemble.