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Who I am

As a child I hadn’t imagined this life. Music has always accompanied me; in my family we all devoted much attention to it and so it’s something I’ve always had a passion for, however I hadn’t planned for music to become my livelihood. Then it happened, quite unexpectedly, and since then everything that preceded that sudden swerve fluctuates in an indefinite space, as if it belonged to someone else’s life.

To live on music is amazing, even more so if you can choose to work on projects you’re truly passionate about, which is my case. But it isn’t all that easy, particularly in this country, where there’s a tendency to snub and even debase beauty - perhaps because it is so much within reach everywhere, every day - and so one must fight, even if it seems a losing battle, without ever losing heart.

But then comes a melody, cherished or unknown, that carries me away, that boosts my strength and motivation, and reminds me that I am a very, very lucky woman. 


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